Get Free Days Out With Airmiles

The recession might be over, but taking the whole family out for a day can still burn a hole to any family budget. Whether you go to the cinema, to a theme park or just out around the shops and for a meal, when you have children you can easily spend more than you’d like on a day out.

Family tickets at theme parks, where the typical family unit of two adults and two children is expected, often cost more than 50 before you even begin to factor in all other costs, such as travel and souvenirs. Collecting Airmiles is one option you have for enjoying free days out with your children. Airmiles is not only for free flights, the miles can also be turned into free activities all around the UK.

There is a lot to choose from with Airmiles activities. You can exchange your miles for free days out at Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, or go for more adventurous activities such as quad biking or paintballing. It all depends on what your family likes doing, and how old your kids are.

Airmiles are easy to collect with your everyday shopping. Many online shopping sites will earn you miles, but also doing your shopping at Tesco and filling up your tank at Shell will add to your miles. If you are with Lloyds, an Airmiles Duo Credit Card is one way to collect miles. In the end, without spending anything extra on top of your regular purchases, you can start collecting miles for free days out for you and your family.

Why not start collecting Airmiles and you’ll have the whole family covered for your next trip. Free activities will let you spend your money on a nice meal while away, or get all the souvenirs your children want.

Earn free days out and free activities with Airmiles travel rewards.