10 Most Beautiful Island in Greece with its Beaches

Super Paradise Beach In Mykonos Island by George Atsametakis Scrmgnz

IWhite sandy beaches, crystal-clear sea, coral island chain, as well as the bright blue sky is the typical landscape of the islands in Greece. Greece is famous for its beauty and warmth of the islands. Here’s a list of ten beautiful island that you should not miss when visiting Greece.

Santorinisantorini beaches white sand

Santorini like a glittering jewel among the other Greek islands in the Aegean blue. Whitewashed buildings scattered adorn the island actually is this ancient volcano. Santorini is a paradise for shoppers, photographers, artists, mountain climbers or those who merely sit in the cafe while enjoying the warm sunshine. If you are given the opportunity to visit only one island in Greece, yes, you have to choose Santorini.

Cretecrete beaches greece

Crete is the largest island in Greece and the most diverse tourist attractions as you can get everything there. Beach, resort, hotel, apartment, archaeological sites and old cities can be found on Crete. For those of you who are looking for more than just a beach resort, Crete could be the best option for you.

Corfu (Kerkyra)corfu greece beaches

Corfu Town is the capital of the island is very beautiful blend of Italian-influenced Greek culture. In Corfu you can visit Palestrikaeo, the name of the most beautiful areas in Corfu. Blue bay water turquoise and pine trees that adorn the hills as far as your eye sees become an everyday sight. Distance Palestrikaeo pretty close, just 20 kilometers towards the northwest of the city of Corfu.

Rhodesrhodes island greece things to do

Rhodes location just a stone’s throw from the beach in Rhodes Turkey led to the building style influenced by a combination of mid-century Turkey. Ancient Knight Hospital is one example of a building that is composed of stone and make Rhodes be one characterized by medieval city in the world.


Mykonos view similar to painting cubes with whitewashed buildings and land cover golden beaches bronze. Mykonos like a young child who loves partying, hedonistic style with a touch of la bourgeoisie. Over the years, a fishing village in Mykonos slowly disappear replaced by tourist destinations most frequently visited, and the hipster haven for the jet set. Although at certain times of Mykonos too crowded by tourists, but the adventure you visit the Greek islands is not complete if you have not visited Mykonos.

Parosparos greece beaches

Paros offers the best traveling experiences among other Cyclades islands that will make you spellbound from beginning to end the trip. Your trip can be started from the beautiful port city Paroikia or while walking on cobblestone streets gates decorated by bougainvillea. In Paroikia you can find dozens of small restaurants and taverna, while in other parts of the city you will find the old town of historical value with a variety of small shops and windmills typical Cyclades.

Skiathosskiathos greece beaches

Skiathos this hilly island located in the northern part of the Aegean Sea are decorated by a grove of pine trees and one of the best islands in Europe. Skiathos town is quite comfortable but you will lose the warmth typical of Greek ports as other islands. The earthquake has undermined the original city, and today many modern buildings stand that changed the face of this island. Many travelers choose to stay at a hotel that is in the hillside along the west coast ports.

Iosmylopotas beach ios greece

Famous Ios Mylopotas Beach is regarded as one of the best beaches in Greece. The beach is quite wide, used as a place of recreation and water sports camp with a variety of hotels, apartments and rooms for rent. There are also a number of restaurants that you can choose which provide Thai or Mexican cuisine. Also you can visit Maganari to escape from civilization for a few hours. Maganari has beautiful beaches with crystal clear blue water and white sand.

Naxosnaxos island greece beaches

Naxos is the largest island and has a lot of hills in between the islands of the Cyclades. Harbor protected by a Venetian castle and the streets along the harbor enlivened by a variety of restaurants.

Sifnossifnos island greece

Sifnos place into a major tourist destination in Sifnos is Platys Gialos, a village on the edge of a small and quiet beaches. Sifnos local tourists visited more frequently compared to foreign tourists.